Jomblang Cave Adventure

Posted on Jan 16, 2019

Semanu - Amazing! Greenery at the base of Jomblang Cave in Yogyakarta. The incoming sun infiltrate amongst the lush trees increasingly add to the uniqueness of this cave. This forest is very old. Jomblang cave is located in Jetis, Semanu Subdistrict, Wonosari, in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. Having a unique cave tour, the Jomblang cave indonesia is not only famous for its 'heaven's light' but also the primeval forest in it. It took about 1.5 hours to get to the cave by driving from Jogja city to Gunungkidul district, Yogyakarta. The journey to the bottom of the cave begins from the lips of cave, with the short trajectory only takes 15 minutes then followed by a rope along the 20 meters. To enter the Jomblang Cave required adventurous skills, the traveller is also advised in a healthy state of mind and physical in order to maintain every possibility to fit the security standards. Arriving at the base of Jomblang Cave Indonesia, traveller will be amazing to see the phenomena of God's beautiful creation. You can see the green of ancient forest that still thrives and awake its authenticity. 

The forest is formed due to the geological process of land collapsed along with the vegetation that is above it to the bottom of the earth. Until now, the vegetation in this forest continues to grow and develop the more beautiful at the bottom of the cave. Until the middle of the cave walls, as far as the eye can see we see the karst hills and teak trees are molten, while in the stomach of Goa Jomblang laid out the green scenery of the forest is very fertile. Various moss, ferns, shrubs, until the big trees grow tightly. Forests with vegetation that are far different from the current conditions are often known as ancient forests. Once at the mouth of the cave, then the adventure will continue towards Luweng Grubug by entering a mouth of a cave that is very large. Jomblang cave and Grubug cave is connected with a hallway along the 300 meters. The farther away the light is gone but we can see the various beautiful ornaments that decorate this aisle with the help of a flashlight and illumination from the local guides tracing the cave. Here the shape of the cave aisle walls such as crystal stones, stalactites, and beautiful stalagmites. No long walks came the sound of the rushing stream and a ray of bright light in the midst of the darkness. While exploring Jomblang Cave indonesia, here we can also explore to Grubug Cave which is connected by a hallway with a length of about 300 meters. This cave is 5 meters in diameter and 90 meters high. Set foot in this cave, you will be increasingly amazed to see the exotic sunlight entering between the gap trees are often called the light of heaven by the adventure.

Jomblang Resort To arrive at the cave visitors must leave early in the morning from central city of Jogja, because driving to a location that is also famous as the amazing race takes one and a half to two hours. Arrive at Jomblang resort as cave entrance and then register directly to cave officer, pay entrance fee with cost Indonesian Rupiah according to price which determined by direct Jomblang managed.

Jomblang Cave Entrance Fee Jomblang Cave Price Tickets / Entrance fee and should be done with the Indonesian rupiah ( cost IDR 500.000 per person )

Ticket includes: Equipment Insurance from Jomblang Cave Local Caving guide Free Drinking water Simple lunch box 

Jomblang Cave Booking

Jomblang cave Tour  is not possible to make a booking first, because it has become decision of managers only prioritize visitors who reservation directly on the spot. Amazing of Jomblang activity underground cave will start at 09:00 AM, and will not be received if there are visitors who reservation after10:00 AM.

Jomblang Cave Quotes With quotas for 75 people per day, and activity down the cave begins at 09:00 am. so that every visitor cave be required to arrive at the location of a maximum of half an hour before activity in the cave did. For the sake of the preservation of nature, then in the limit of visitors per day with a maximum quota of 75 people per day.

Jomblang Cave or Pindul Cave? Is it the same as the pindul cave that is famous for beauty with underground river, or its cave tubing? But it turns out this Jomblang Goa has its own beauty. and different with Goa Pindul. If the traveller go to Goa Jomblang this will feel back to the pre-history and like in heaven.

Curious? How to get to jomblang cave? From Jogja - towards Wonosari Gunungkidul - then head towards Semanu - follow the direction of the sign saying "Goa Kali Suci" - then follow the sign of "Goa Jomblang" then find to Jomblang Resort as the entrance.

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